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Best UPVC windows Rawalpindi

We are proud to say that “Green Windows” is the best uPVC windows and doors manufacturer in Islamabad and Rawalpindi area. Our main show room is located in Islamabad near Giga Mall Islamabad on the main GT Road. Our purpose built fabrication facility is the best upvc windows fabrication facility. Our machinery set is imported from one of the Top Turkish upvc machine maker Ozcelik. We have been manufacturing the UPVC windows and doors for last 5 years for our clients in DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town Rawalpindi and all over Rawalpindi and Islamabd. Besides the main twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, we cover all areas around us like Murree, Attock, Mardan and Peshawar.

Best UPVC windows in Islamabad

We have wide range of versatile and aesthetically pleasing uPVC windows to suit your needs. Our attention to detail and emphasis on Quality Control and customer satisfaction make us first choice for your upvc windows supplier. InshaAllah you will feel this difference the moment you engage with our sales. We have been manufacturing UPVC windows and doors for last 5 years for our clients in Islamabad, Rawalpindi area and now ready to serve in Lahore, the most vibrant city of Pakistan.

Best UPVC windows in Lahore

We are very happy and excited to share that Green Windows is now opened in Lahore introducing Deceuninck uPVC windows and doors system first time in Lahore. Deceuninck is one of the world Top 3 PVC windows brands in the world.

What are the benefits of using uPVC for window and doors?

uPVC has many benefits which make it the perfect material to be used for window frames. It is known for providing the highest level of thermal comfort as well as being extremely durable and long lasting.

  • Aesthetically Beautiful (Looks could kill)

Windows are the most important part of any building elevation. This is why we have taken great care to make our windows beautiful with seamless and smooth functionality.

  • Trendy

Believe it or not. Exactly as marble is old and tiles are new and trendy fashion in house building… same is true for uPVC and aluminum windows. With uPVC your house will look new, classy and trendy.

  • Low cost

uPVC tends to be considerably cheaper than aluminum and timber and provides more benefits. Costs can vary depending on the quality and features of the windows but you can expect a much more affordable price by choosing a UPVC window.

  • Sound Insulation

The UPVC material works in combination with the double glazed window panels to help decrease the amount of noise that can pass into your home. Most UPVC windows and doors should reduce external noise by up to 50%.

  • Thermal Insulation

Almost 25% of heat energy is wasted through the windows in a typical home. This results in higher energy bills and more investment in heating or cooling equipment. With uPVC windows and doors one can reduce the monthly electricity and gas bills remarkably. uPVC is a natural insulator material and the multi-chambered frames of uPVC are great for insulation, helping you keep your bills down. Windows made with uPVC are far better thermal insulators than aluminum.

  • Low maintenance

uPVC windows are very easy to maintain and clean – they can be made like new with just the wipe of a damp cloth.

PVC vs. UPVC WINDOWS (What is the difference between PVC and UPVC? )

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) are two types of vinyl. They are widely used in the construction industry due to their versatility and flexibility to produce various shapes.

However, they serve different functions. PVC is often used to make siding and fences, whereas UPVC is used for window and door construction. PVC is not suitable for window and door construction due to its chemical composition.

uPVC windows Vs Aluminum windows (comparison of uPVC windows and aluminum windows)

Why uPVC is used for windows and doors?

uPVC is proven to offer excellent performance and durability, it is long lasting and requires very little maintenance making it the perfect material for your windows. It is also recognized for its thermal efficiency, sound insulation and great value for money. For larger frame sections we use a galvanized steel reinforcement to improve the strength and durability. With Safestyle you can rest assured that even in the harshest weather conditions your windows will not warp, rot or rust due to the quality and nature of the uPVC we manufacture.

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