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FAQ’s about uPVC Windows and Doors

are uPVC windows more expensive than Aluminum windows 2020-09-08T23:09:31+05:00
Economical range of upvc windows especially sliding windows prices are very close to the aluminium windows. Having said this, I must say that the advantages which upvc windows give over the aluminum windows are immense. upvc windows frame is one piece which is welded are much more stronger that the aluminium one which are screwed on the corners to make the frame.
are uPVC windows better than Aluminum windows 2020-09-08T23:21:45+05:00
Well !!! This is tricky question but let me try to answer it with all honestly. When we compare the average aluminum windows (1.6 gauge, which costs about 550 Rs per square feet) being sold in Pakistan in year 2o20 with uPVC windows economical range (80 mm local and Chinese one, which costs about 600 Rs per square feet), then the uPVC is a clear winner because of following reasons.
  1. Aluminium windows gasket (Rabar) does not hold very well. It start to come off in the very first year of its life
  2. The gap which fly net of Aluminum window have even when closed is at least 5mm. which means that all insects and mosquitoes are welcomed inside your house.
  3. Because aluminum frame is made one piece using screws, it tends to start vibrating and make noise when used in the very first year
  4.  Aluminum is metal and in Pakistan’s hot weather it heats up and pass all the heat to glass and result is that the whole window radiate heat into your house.